Confident Enough To Be Yourself

Confident Enough To Be Yourself

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Love yourself every single day with my self-love book! 

What would your mind sound like if you loved yourself each and every day of your life? 

I was the person who put everyone else above herself. I used to think that everyone had more value than I did. I grew up being feeling that I wasn't pretty and worthy of love. NONE of that is true but some of the ideas came unintentionally from a parent and it started young, so I believed it. I struggled with allowing people into my life who constantly threw that at me in various ways so that they could feel good about themselves. 

I broke out of that in my early twenties and spent the next few years fighting to help others see my value. Then I  realized that people's opinions don't matter as much as I thought they did. I mattered, no matter what people had to say about it. 

Today, I live a life of mental peace and self-love. I want other women to have that, too. 

With my 10-Day Confident Enough to Be Yourself challenge, you’ll get the same self-love tips I used to: 

- Love yourself unconditionally
- Learn to write self-love affirmations that will speak to you personally 
- Nurture and forgive yourself through your mistakes 
- Stop comparing yourself to others 
- Differentiate between good confidence and ego 
- Celebrate yourself for who you are and what you can be 
- Surround yourself with people who won’t put you down for their selfish needs

Each chapter is a brand-new day of easy, actionable challenges for your self-confidence. And with each new day, you’ll find that you can be better, you can find support, and you can experience great relief in just 10 days.

Get the peace you have been wanting. Feel good about yourself no matter what! My self-love practices will teach you how to do that at a foundation level. 

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