Why Social Media Is NOT The Problem

social media detox

Social media is NOT ruining self-worth and self-love. Social media is amazing ... and trust me, I have seen the worst of social media but I’ve also seen it be amazing if you’re in the right headspace. Here are some tips that I use to manage my emotions on social media.

  1. What is your purpose for social media? My purpose for social media is to help people grow emotionally and spiritually while giving them the tips and tricks I have used to grow. I also share clothing from time to time.
  2. I’m careful in choosing who I check in on. If a person posts craziness that doesn’t edify others and that just edifies themselves, I block it. I knew a girl who I was constantly uplifting and encouraging. The girl got surgery to be skinner and bought a wig to feel better about her hair. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, instead of simply saying things like, “Thank you,” when told that she looked nice, she would say things like, “I know, the years have been kind.” That energy is crazy. I make sure that I don’t consume and support those types of things. If you get a “braggy” feeling from someone’s account (very “Look at me and mine, don’t you wish you were me?”), UNFOLLOW. Stay away from that and protect your mind.
  3. Check your words. Showing that you love the beach by posting a photo on the beach is normal.
    “Beach body to die for” – to be honest, I could post that, but I don’t because I don’t need that. Do you need that? Why do you need that?
  4. Don’t troll. I trolled once; now I just unfollow. Being married is such a big deal to some people and a lot of times when you're not you are seen as less valuable. I once saw a blog post talking about why being married is beautiful but questioning whether people are doing it just so they can feel loved and valuable. The post said that we, as women, need to stop attaching our value to men. I completely agree and stated that fact. I got jumped on and called “negative,” although a lot of the comments were, “I am single but when I am married, I will be bragging and throwing it in people’s faces forever.” One of the girls called me “negative” and said that I wasn’t spreading good vibes. I was spreading truth, and some people aren’t ready to hear that. So, here’s what I learned: Some people want to stay the same, so let them. Speak to your audience and you won’t be trolling. In some cases, it’s best to leave people where they are.

I hope these tips have encouraged you to use social media for the good that it is intended to be. Get to the place internally that you know that it is a tool and not everything you are looking at is real. Value yourself and what you have every day. 

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