Stop Overthinking

Forgive yourself and move on

Overthinking could be ruining your day. Trust me; I used to be that way. I overthought everything. There is a time and a place for reflection but constantly overthinking and second-guessing yourself can be the most exhausting thing ever. How can you change this pattern in your life? You can change this behavior, or at least get a better hold on it, by understanding a few things.

  1. Understand that overthinking is not serving you and that your thoughts are better used on another topic. What else deserves your attention? Can you focus on other things? If so, re-direct.
  2. Ask yourself if you are overthinking because the area needs your attention. If the area needs attention, set aside some time to go for a walk or journal your thoughts. Meditate if you have questions that need answers.
  3. Decide to let it go. Sometimes making the decision to let something go is all it takes. You have already decided that overthinking is not serving you. You have done the work; now you need to let it go.
  4. Understand that you know best. I consider myself an intuitive person. In fact, I think we all have an intuition, and if we listen to and obey this inner voice, we will be able to do so much more. Let your intuition guide you to the thoughts you need to think.
  5. Forgive yourself. If you need to forgive yourself, do that. Holding things against yourself will do you no good. Let it go. If or when it comes up again, let it go again.

At the end of the day, you get one life. Make sure you don’t waste it going back and forth. Value your life and each day you get to live. Decide what you want your mental state to be each day. Understand that by overthinking, you are not giving yourself the mental freedom you need to have happiness in your life.

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XO - Camille