Overcoming Jealousy

overcoming jealousy

As a business owner, I think it’s easy to look at someone and wish you had what other, more successful business owners have (only in jewelry of course). “I want to be at my five-year plan now… ahhh!!” But that’s not jealousy. It becomes jealousy when something happens after that; you begin to dislike someone, for no valid reason. If you feel that way for 5 minutes and get your thoughts together, you’re cool. But if you live that… oh no, that’s not a good thing, and it definitely brings bad energy, not good energy! We all know what usually happens after that, it comes out of your mouth, and you spread that energy with your words or your vibe.

What do you do with that? Here are some tips to help you stay chill in the world of “internet, my life is perfect.”

1. You should completely stop looking at it. Whatever it is, stop interacting completely. Don’t look at the photos, don’t follow them online, just stay away. Let’s be honest, some people enjoy attention, and they enjoy bragging, therefore, if you are getting that feeling, don’t give it 2 seconds of your time. Stop the connection and move on.

2. Find yourself again. Why are you the way you are and on the path that you are on? Everyone’s purpose, desires and aspirations are different. You may be doing something similar, but because of who you are, it’s unique; and that’s a good thing.

3. Actively move in the direction YOU want to be going. If you are doing all you can to achieve your goals, then that… is that, and that should be your focus. Do something!

4. Realize that everyone has bad days. I don’t like saying this, because if you’re not careful — you can just be hating. “Well, their life is not that perfect”, then you’re in ill-will, which is actually jealousy. Just realize that no one is perfect; no one has all sunshine, and leave it at that! Don’t go speculating on what you think are the issues. One of my friends travels a lot and all of her photos look so beautiful, however, if you watch her stories, you will see that she gets hit on by weird strangers. Once she had her wallet stolen and was stranded in Greece! Beautiful and making the best of the moment, but still having a rough go of it (during certain parts of her travels).

Basically, humbly love where you are; where you are going, and let the rest lie. I think that sometimes in life, we care way too much about things we shouldn’t even have our noses in, or let it take up any brain space. “Do your best to love your life, love other women, and support the sisterhood.”

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XO - Camille