New Year, Same You?

Do you really need to change this year, or should you focus on adjustments? Personally, I have goals, but I don’t need any major overhauls right now, I simply need to adjust some things. The New Year’s hype is only fun and exciting because we all get to restart something together, but maybe this year it’s about having fun and shifting a couple of things.

Did you accomplish all that you set out to accomplish last year? I know I didn’t, but I did get to a lot of it and I learned a lot. Take the time this year to celebrate what you did do instead of focusing on what you didn’t get to. Be real with yourself. If you haven’t gone to the gym for a whole 365 days, the likelihood that you make it to the gym five days a week this year probably isn’t very high. What are your realistic steps, your bear minimum? Maybe five times a month you go to the gym, and twice a week you pack your veggies. Once you get that down, you can make a new goal.

Maybe in this New Year you make small, quarterly goals. Just some food for thought. What are some small goals that you are going to make this quarter?

Set it up, in Q1 what are some things that you can accomplish? Share your goals, I would love to hear them!

Xo, Camille