Journal Prompts for Self-love and Discovery

self discovery journal prompts

I am a huge advocate of journaling because journaling has changed my life. I know it will also change yours, or at the very least shift some things for you. My prayer for you is that you become the best, highest, most self-loving person you can be and that the love and confidence within you spreads and changes the lives and energy of those around you. I am so excited for you and I would love to hear from you at the end of your journey.

30 days of self-love discovery journal prompts

  1. What would my life look like if I truly loved myself?
  2. If I loved myself completely, what would I be doing that I am not currently doing?
  3. What are some things I need to let go of to better love myself?
  4. What has a lack of confidence kept me from doing?
  5. What do I feel is holding me back from loving myself completely?
  6. What does it feel like when I speak to myself with love and kindness?
  7. What things do I know I am meant to do but a lack of self-confidence is holding me back from doing?
  8. What is a lack of confidence costing me?
  9. What is a lack of self-love costing me?
  10. What must change within my heart so that I can fully embrace myself and my future?
  11. What are my current desires?
  12. What can I do every day to make sure I am the person I need to be to reach these desires?
  13. Write out a day in the life of self-confidence and love. Tap into the emotions you feel each day.
  14. Now that I am walking in complete and daily self-love and confidence, how will I treat myself and others today?
  15. Now that I am walking in complete and daily self-love and confidence, what steps will I take toward my destiny today?
  16. What is the best compliment I’ve ever received?
  17. What emotions and feelings did I associate with this compliment?
  18. What is the difference between healthy self-love and confidence and ego and arrogance?
  19. When do I feel most confident?
  20. What am I most grateful for?
  21. What am I naturally really good at?
  22. What area of my life brings shame when I think about it?
  23. Why does this area bring me shame? How would I speak to myself about this area if it were someone I loved and would never hurt?
  24. Write a letter to your most confident self.
  25. Write a list of 5 affirmations that help you feel confident every single day.
  26. Write yesterday’s affirmations 5 times. Read them out loud as you feel them.
  27. What are the top traits of the person I admire most?
  28. Do I have the traits of the person I admire most?
  29. Write your DREAMS list. What are 15 things you want to experience before your life is over?
  30. Now that I am a complete and total badass, what does the next 3 months of my life look and feel like?

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