How to Overcome Rejection

dealing with rejection

Rejection can be so hard. It’s worst in the moment but it doesn’t have to feel so bad for so long. I know that’s so hard to hear, and trust me – it’s hard to say. However, if you look back on the times when you’ve been rejected, you’ll probably see that from those rejections came some of the best moments of your life. There are a few things that help me deal with rejection.

  • Rejection is sometimes the best thing that can happen. Understand that there is a God or Universe – whatever is your thing – and sometimes that guidance is beyond what you can understand. That boyfriend whom you thought was the one and who made you feel amazing but who dumped you – he may be great but he also might not be what’s best for you. Really try to understand that the things that are best for you will come back around.
  • Rejection sometimes means that you have the choice to grow. Each time something doesn’t go right, look in the mirror. Sometimes 90 percent can be your fault but there will be times when 90 percent is someone else’s fault. Either way, take this as an opportunity to grow and develop. You may learn something as simple as “be less negative.”
  • Rejection gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate. Something may not have worked out because it was the wrong thing. Rethink and decide whether the direction you are heading really, truly lines up with what YOU want.
  • Rejection isn’t the worst thing that could have happened. No matter how things went down, they probably could have been worse. Things can be so bad but there is always something in the bad that you can be grateful for, so find it. The good of the situation doesn’t have to be huge to be valuable. Just create the habit of finding good things in the not-so-great situations of life.
  • Rejection overall can make you better. I am a firm believer that life can be perfect and that we don’t necessarily benefit from the bad. I believe that you can have compassion without having gone through bad things if you make the conscious decision to connect to the divine and hear and observe. However, since you are in the situation anyway, let it make you better.