Getting Rid Of Negativity

getting rid of negativity

Sometimes life gets weird and it can be hard to navigate what seems to be a negative situation. At times, it comes from others, but sometimes it comes from within. We can sometimes be our own worst nightmare. We do most of our thinking on autopilot from our subconscious mind, so we might not even know where these things come from.

  1. Identify the source of the negativity. Is It you? Is it others? Figure it out. Where are all these things coming from?
  2. Detach emotion from the situation. Whatever you focus on expands. If you focus on not trying to focus on negativity, you will bring more of it to you. So, detach the emotion from the negativity. The best way to picture this is to internally turn away from it and not give it anything.
  3. List the things you love. Once the negative thought has shown up, you will want to breathe deeply, detach, and list the things you love. These can be super basic things: “I love coffee, long walks, sunshine, and blank, blank, blank.” The idea of focusing on love gets taken out of context. You do not need to fabricate love for people or situations you don’t like. The practice of love has always confused me because I am not a good pretender. Therefore, the idea that I can love everyone is not practical for me. I was thrilled to hear that I could love my surroundings and make that a practice.
  4. Get excited about the life you have or the life you want. So much of life and drawing good things out of us is based on emotion. Our emotions give us guidance as to how we are actually feeling and what we want and don’t want. Make sure that you use your emotion to your benefit.
  5. Vibrate higher. If you have done all of these things, you are probably vibrating a little higher these days. Stay that way. The goal is to constantly be in the state of happiness and joy.
  6. Walk away or remove it. This can be either emotional or physical in nature. Try to put yourself in the best environments possible. However, when you cannot be in an amazing environment, be sure to practice the love step above. Love the things around you and list them out to bring back the frequency of love.

Well, there you have it! Oh, geez, where did she get all of that information? The Power (a version of The Secret) by Rhonda Byrne. I definitely suggest that you read or listen to The Power. It is my go-to listen right now. I literally sleep with it on and things are going well. Such good wisdom there.

XO, Camille

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