Curly Hair Tips

I have been so happy with my hair for a while now, and it has been a journey for me. I wore a hat with my bun out this past weekend, and it was awesome. Therefore, as you know, I have dry hair, and it was affecting my curls as they were not lasting, and it was all just so annoying. I have updated my routine, and it has been awesome. Here is how things work these days plus the products I am using.

  1. Bumble and Bumble – Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre-Shampoo Masque  –This is a little pricey, but you only use a little of it. Part your hair into 6 sections, oil your scalp and then take a little bit in your hands and hit those ends. Let this sit for 20 minutes under a plastic cap.
  1. Deep conditioners – Part your hair into 4, wash sections and then work deep conditioner through your hair. Twist your hair into your wash sections, cover with your plastic bag, and then leave for 40 minutes. If you have a heated dryer, you can use that the whole time or you can use it for half the time. My current deep conditioner and wash set is from ArtNaturals, and you can find the line here. Use this link for 20% off of my exact set:
  1. Rinse the deep conditioner out but leave a little in. Because your hair is natural, product is your friend and leaving normal conditioner in won’t hurt it.


  1. Get as much water out of your hair as possible so that it actually drys before bed. I don’t like overly wet hair when I sleep because it feels strange and its not good for my skin.
  1. I use As I Am Twist Defining Cream and Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel I combine the two and if I want it short I two strand twist about 10 twists and if I want it longer I braid (three strand) about 10 braids. Don’t worry today’s gel is not as bad for your hair as it used to be and again your natural so it can handle a little more.
  1. The next morning, I take Castor oil in my hand and untwist or unbraid, and there is the routine.

For dry hair, the deep condition is where it’s for you. The Bumble and Bumble cream seriously changed the game for me. I would deep condition twice a week until your hair gets used to being moisturized. The good thing is that the longer your hair gets, the less you have to wash it anyway, so hang in there. Not all dry hair means damaged, you just need to give it more of what it needs to get it to where you want it.

XO – Camille