Beauty Routine Schedule

Beauty routine schedule


I think I have pretty good skin and it has gotten better over the years. However, sometimes it gets worse if I cut corners or try something new. But, sometimes it gets better if I try new things. That's always fun, especially if the new thing is cheaper. Honestly, it doesn't matter how much money you have; why spend more for something when you can spend less for something of the same quality and get the same results? Anyway, I wanted to break down my beauty routine because I have found a few things that have allowed me to save and a few things that are irreplaceable. 

Daily - Wash your face every morning and every evening, especially if you have acne-prone skin. Unfortunately, I have acne-prone skin and I cannot get away with not washing my face. And no, make-up wipes don’t count.

Face wash – Burt's Bees Acne Wash. I wasn’t able to change my face wash successfully for the longest time but this exfoliant is gentle and still works really well. 

Acne-clearing serum - DermaQuest Advanced Therapy also DermaClear Serum. This is the key to keeping my skin clear. There is really no way for me to get around it. I have not found anything that even remotely compares to it and trust me – I’ve looked.

Honorable Mention - ArtNaturals Rentinol + Age Defense 

Sunscreen - Blackgirl Sunscreen. I promised myself that I would wear sunscreen this year. Yes, black people need to wear sunscreen. The repercussions take longer to show up for us but we still need it. This was the year I found something that worked for me.


Drink a lot of water. I know, right? People say to drink water all the time and it’s like, geez, but no, seriously – drink a ton of water. Water is so important to your body functions in many ways.

Relax - Stress hurts you in so many ways. Easier said than done but try not to stress out. 

Don't wear make-up every day. I have a life in which wearing make-up is not something I need to do each day but I do like to wear it every once in a while. Give your skin a break. I know it’s super trendy to have a beat face but chill sometimes and let your skin breathe. 

Every six months - If you can, I would say to get a facial or a peel to get the dead skin off your face. I don't do too many masks because I have yet to find something that actually does anything for me. I do, however, use exfoliant wash every day, which helps a lot. I also have a scrub brush that I use at least twice a week. 

Yearly - Micro-needling. I had acne scars on my face but they are much less severe thanks to micro-needling. If you have acne scars like I had/have, I highly recommend it. I would go with the micro-needling in which the person uses a machine and not just a roller because I tried that on my own at home and did not really get any results. The machine goes deeper and recovery takes only 2-3 days.

That’s it! What do you do to keep your skin looking and feeling great?