7 Self-love Tips

I am in no way claiming to be some guru, but I have dramatically changed the way I view and talk to myself on a daily basis. I know what took me from point A to point B and I believe sharing is caring. If more women loved themselves, then more women would love themselves.

If I can help one woman be more confident and develop healthy, real and genuine self-love that is more than enough for me. Here are my 7 self-love tips.

1. Forgive yourself.

I have a past, you have a past, and everyone else has a past. Your past may be super dark, and you might have gone through years of shame and guilt because of it. Your past might be minimal, but it is still there. Maybe some other people know your past, and every time you try to rise out of it, you are pushed back down and that reminds you that this is whom you used to be.

First of all, every past is equal, it may have different consequences, and that may make it look bigger. All the voices telling us; a pathological liar, a boaster, selfish or a gossip is all the same. It is simply something you want to change that causes a feeling in your body. Accept the flaws of your past and move forward. You are not any better because you feel guilty every day.

Let go of the past!

2. Look into the mirror.

Now, that you have forgiven yourself of the past, it is time to evaluate yourself honestly. Where are you today? No really, it is just you and me now so… where are you today?

It is so funny when you talk to people, and they say, I believe in this but they don’t live that, so what are you doing? Are you still masking your insecurity by putting others down? Are you still an obsessed perfectionist because you think being perfect is the only way to validate your worth? Do you hop from a relationship from to another relationship because being alone makes you feel as if you are not worthy of love? Where are you?

3. Celebrate yourself.

What makes you amazing? I don’t mean your legs or your butt, those can be addition too, but what inside makes you amazing.

If you are currently in a situation where you love yourself based on statements and comments; as I am much better than so and so, therefore, I must be valuable. I am very sorry to inform you, but you are missing it. You must look within and completely focus on you to get right. Go to work!

4. Be kind to yourself.

What the heck are you saying about yourself? I have a friend who always says bad things about herself, and of course, my rebuttal is no you are beautiful. No, she is not fishing for compliments she legit just sees herself like that.

She has recently undergone some changes, now she feels differently about herself sometimes, and her words have changed a little. And by little I mean a very little. Unfortunately, for her, she had to have a major procedure to start speaking the right words in their simplest form.

Change what you need to change and dress differently, whatever you need to do to be your best, but I hope that the love you have for yourself is more profound than that and if it does not get it there.

Quote: Be careful what you say to yourself, you are listening!

5. What about your friends.

Now that you are on the path to being your best self, who’s with you? Once you begin to change the way you do things, it is super important that you change or adjust the people around you who aren’t right.

Do you need to get rid of people? Maybe, but for now, let's just say no. However, be selective about what you let into your system.

6. Relax a little.

It’s funny to think that perfection is something that's achievable, but it isn’t. You will never be perfect, and the people around you will never be perfect. Drop the facade that you are. Pretending to be perfect makes you feel some way when you make mistakes.

Relax a little. Be your best but do pretend you are inhuman and living a life of perfection.

7. Live it & give it.

Practice makes perfect! I don’t believe in fake it till you make it, but I do believe in giving it everything you’ve got every day. There is nothing wrong with the self-assessment or a down moment, that is real and raw and necessary but don’t stay there.

Live your new truth every day, don't let up because you deserve the best and if you don't get it for you. You won't get it because it cannot be given to you. YOU have to do the work!

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