5 Tips To Staying Organized

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I love to write things down. At my last job, my boss was not a fan of this. She simply could not understand why I didn’t put things in a digital planner and remember them that way. I LOVE checking things off a list and seeing things in my own writing. A ton of studies have been done on the brain and have found that people remember things better if they write them down. It may not be that way for some of you, but for me, writing it down is king. Hence, why journaling and putting my goals in a chart is such a relaxing process for me. That’s why I have printable planners coming from all over the place. You can grab my printable meal planner and have fun with something that would otherwise be really boring. Below are some tips to staying organized:

  • Get a printable planner or buy an actual weekly planner. For the things in life that matter most, get a planner. Like I mentioned, you can grab my meal planner; however, soon you will be able to purchase my lifestyle prinatble planner package. I can’t wait to help you organize your day and your future.
  • Clean things out. Get rid of things you don’t need. You have books, shoes, Tupperware, and so on that you flat-out no longer need. Get rid of it. Don’t hang on to things that don’t have a purpose.
  • Make more lists. Goals, visions, and to-dos will help you focus on what you want and will keep you away from things you don’t want. If you know a week ahead of time that you are going be out all weekend, you will probably not let the laundry pile up. Your goal is to have a weekend of fun, so your mind will push you to get things done to accomplish that.
  • Do your best to get on a schedule of your own making. A schedule will help you with your organization. No, it doesn’t have to be this super-rigid thing. It can be very fun and freeing to sit down and plan the way you want your day to flow. For example: drink water, meditate, journal, shower, eat breakfast while listening to your favorite podcast, then listen to another podcast while you get dressed and do your hair. Make your day fun and what you want it to be in as many ways as you can.
  • Push through and do the things you hate. I don’t like cleaning the bathroom and I don’t like grocery shopping. You may hate cleaning the kitchen. My roommate in college was such a mess; she loved to cook but she hated to clean, so she would just leave a mess in the kitchen for days. Each day, she would walk into a dirty kitchen and just leave it there. If she’d just pushed through and washed 4 pots, rinsed 2 plates, and then put them in the dishwasher, she wouldn’t have faced 3 days of pile-up. Just clean up. Schedule it and do it. I get it; sometimes we’re tired and that is totally understandable. However, don’t let a pile of laundry become the norm. It doesn’t take a half an hour to fold laundry; it literally takes 5-10 minutes, if that. Out of 24 hours, you DO have 10 minutes. You just do. Even if you have 5 kids, honey, you have 15 minutes because (let’s be honest, moms) you aren’t busy 24 hours a day. At a certain point, kids don’t want to hang with you. They want to be alone with their toys and their siblings. You aren’t missing anything if you take 15 minutes to fold the clothes. Give your kids some space and be real with yourself. You do have time! I was a nanny for 3 and I was able to keep a clean house, get the laundry done, and get dinner on the table. You may simply be fighting feelings of mental boredom or feelings that you aren’t accomplished. I truly believe that is the issue with most stay-at-home moms because that’s what I felt as a nanny most days. I know you have time. Do one load and fold it IMMEDIATELY. Put on some music, let the kids dance around, get a cup of tea, and push through, honey. Fold that laundry!

Love you truly,