5 Steps To Finding Your Purpose

Everyone has a purpose. It’s so important for everyone to understand this fact and to realize that they matter, not only for themselves but also for the people around them. So much happens when you have a purpose. You feel better, you help others feel better, and you have an easier time navigating the good and bad of life. This post is dedicated to giving you a few tips for finding your purpose. 

1. What are you all about? Every single day, what is your main goal? A better way of asking this might be: What makes you feel happy and strong? Do you feel happy and strong when you work with the homeless, spend time with kids, or make a meal for your loved ones? If so, your purpose could be to serve others and make them feel valued. 

2. What would you do if no one knew it was you? For the longest time, I struggled with showing my face in business. I didn't want people to know it was me, not because I am ashamed but because I enjoy what I do and really don't need credit for it. What would you do if you never showed your face? 

3. What do other people appreciate about you? Not all people, but, rather, those people who matter in your world? Why do they love being around you? All the time, I am told that I am good at listening, uplifting, and giving advice. I love doing those things. I love giving what I have learned to others in the hopes that they will apply it and become better. I hate the notion that people should “give, give, give” to others, it has to be bigger than that because it forces people places where they may not want to be, not everyone is Mother Theresa. However, if you are ready to go there, what can you give to others that is NOT detrimental to yourself?

4. What is the end goal? In the next 10 years, where would you like to be emotionally and spiritually? What would you like to have under your belt? Whom would you like to be? I know in 10 years, I want nothing to ever bother me. I want to be so fierce that I literally (in a good way) have zero fucks to give and am completely unfazed by the world around me. I’m just killing it, loving my family and friends and rolling. I want a Tony Robbins level of chill and faith.

5. What makes you jealous? I know, right? Sometimes jealousy is a good indicator of what you need to be looking at and doing. You must discern what the heck is going on. Why are you jealous? Is it because this person is rubbing you the wrong way? Or are they doing something that you wish you could be doing?

These are the basic steps but I know they will get you thinking. If you know your purpose and need a little help loving yourself so that you can rise and get there, here are the resources I have created to help you get there.