30 Daily Positive Affirmations

30 positive affirmations

This week has been really good, but gone by super fast. I have been meditating since January and it has been so relaxing for me. When times get stressful or things aren’t going exactly as I want, it’s good to put some true statements into perspective and breathe and relax through them. Here is this week’s outfit along with 30 Daily Positive Affirmations. Pick the affirmations that work best for you and add them to your daily quiet time.

I am beautiful inside and out
The energy around me and in me is positive and peaceful
I compliment other women
I am good at what I do
I celebrate the good in others
I attract positive, healthy relationships
Anything that is not for me will be removed naturally
I am human and I forgive myself for past mistakes
I love the body I have been given
I use kind, uplifting words towards myself
I am mindful of those around me
I am worthy of love and only accept the best
I allow others to be themselves completely
I love the woman that I am as I am
I believe in me
I am confident
I have good ideas throughout the day
I am grateful for each day
I forgive and release those who have wronged me
I am perfect the way I am
My actions are intentional and have good results
I trust myself
I make room for the things and the people that matter
I organize and prioritize
I stand up for myself when I need to
I am excited about the things happening in my life
I love my body and feed it with healthy foods
I correct and release issues that arise
I have compassion and empathy for others
I am safe and secure

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