20 Positive Affirmations for Bedtime

20 affirmations for bedtime

I am a huge affirmations girl. They just feel so good and keep my mind in the right place.

When manifesting something, a lot of the focus should be on living in the feeling of the thing you want right now. Affirmations will help you get to that place where you are feeling what you need to feel in that moment. Here are some affirmations you can say each night so that you can focus on falling sleep and cultivating the good feels.

  1. I release the day.
  2. I am thankful for today.
  3. I love rest and I am grateful for it.
  4. My mind is peaceful.
  5. My body heals while I sleep.
  6. I am proud of myself.
  7. My heart is grateful for the day.
  8. Tomorrow is going to be an amazing day.
  9. I am grateful for what I have learned today.
  10. Life is beautiful and I receive the best of everything.
  11. I am stress-free.
  12. My life is beautiful and every day I get to create what I want.
  13. My life is filled with serenity and harmony.
  14. I am filled and content.
  15. In this moment, I have everything that I need and want.
  16. In this moment, life is perfect.
  17. I am love and I receive love.
  18. Proper rest is a smart way to show myself love.
  19. I am beautiful and my life is beautiful.
  20. Everything I want in life is already here.

There you are. Now take 4 deep breaths and feel your body slowing down. Close your eyes and enjoy tonight’s sleep.

XO – Camille

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